Keenan Allen has 623 career catches, most ever in first 100 games


Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen played the 99th game of his career today. He’s had more catches this far into his career than any other NFL player, ever.

With nine catches today, Allen now has 623 catches in 99 games. The previous record for the most catches in a player’s first 100 games belonged to Antonio Brown, who had 622 catches in his first 100 games.

Allen may not get as much credit as he deserves for the sensational start to his season, in part because it took him longer than most to reach 100 career games. He’s had his share of injuries, particularly in 2015 (when he played only eight games) and 2016 (when he played only one game).

But Allen, who has a league-leading 99 catches so far this season, is one of the best receivers of his generation, and off to one of the best starts of any receiver in NFL history.